Burning Windows 2000

This must be a very newbee question:
I have a new computer with Nero
I am trying to burn a microsoft office 2000 cd, but it doesn’t seem to work. Should I use a different program? Does there exist an add-on?

:smiley: HÃ¥kon

Insert original. Select “copy disc”. Wait, then insert blank. Wait, then use copy.

Nothing special. shrug

Your subject says Windows 2000, your post says Office 2000…which is it?

Both should have, as far as I know, no protection other than a serial number. I happen to have both and I was able to backup both with Nero as well. Another option you can try is Alcohol 120% or CloneCD, the trial versions should be sufficient.


Suggest that you update your Nero to the latest version - which is

Yours is way outdated - and many changes/improvements have been made since your version-