Burning Win XP (CUE & BIN)




I've got hold of Windows XP - somewhere, somehow :D. But it consists of a .cue and .bin file. So what a man to do? I've tried to burned a CD with CDRWIN. Opened the CUE file in "Record Disc" -> "Load Cuesheet", which it then loads.

Then I start the recording. Well perfect! When its done and CDRWIN says it was a succes, I try to see on the CD. But my computer seems like there is an error on the CD. When I finally can see whats on the CD, the only thing I can see is "Track01.cda".

What have I done wrong? Have I done anything wrong?

Please heeelp (A.S.A.P.) - I'm a total newbie at this... :frowning:


we do not discuss warez and other illegal products here.

you can try Fireburner or the latest NERO for burning cue/bin files
if that is your question


Nore do I want a discussion of warez or illegal products. I want help to my problem!

It has nothing to do with it being Win XP inparticually!



i had the same problem once…could not burn it with cdrwin…but with the other programs it was ok…

perhaps it has something do with the cue file…this is the file that tells the program how to burn the bin file
I guess your cue file is not saying it is DATA but a AUDIO file

example of cue sheet:
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

look if the mode is …mode1/2352…you can open the cue file with a texteditor


Or, if you have used an illegal code to register cdrwin, that can cause the program to crank out coasters, but tell you the recording was ok. :stuck_out_tongue:


You could also have a look at it in iso buster - see what that says about it.


use winiso to convert bin to iso and then burn iso with nero


I agree with Trondos!! The situation is probably because CDRWIN is licensed with a bad key. The best solution I would say is to use fireburner and write it with that. There is a perfectly usuable demo of it at www.fireburner.com


had the same problem with cdrwin its not a bad key cheak your aspi layer if installed properly down load aspicheck.and make shure you are useing the latest relese from golden hawk feb/19/2002 3.8g or4.0a.