Burning widescreen

hi, i use vso convertxtodvd, and i put the settings on 16:9 (widescreen) but when i play it on my tv, (nothing fancy, i think its a 32") part of the ends are cut out. but when i play it on my computer, it shows everything. is it my tv or do i put the settings on 4:3 (full screen)? i tried 4:3 with a different movie, but i cant really tell if its cutting the ends out or not (im a noob). but i kno it cuts out when i do 16:9 because it cuts out the names of casts in the beginnig if its towards the left or right. but the movie i burned using the 4:3, all the names were centered normally.

Well can your tv switch between wide screen and full screen mode? Check the tv menu to see if it gives your that option if it does set the tv mode to 16x9 and see how that looks.

What’s the image format you’re starting from? Is it 4:3? If so, you’ve a trade-off: either you get the vertical black sripes at the 2 sides of your 16:9 screen or you cut parts of the images.
Some TVs have special digital effects that allow the image to fill the screen bur deforms it: people seem to be lowered dow, as the way it is to strech the all thing.
Others, use the so called intelligent zoom to minimize the deformation.
So, if you start from 4:3 it is maybe better to leave the screen effects to the TV set, as coolcolors suggests.

I found the answer, based on what you said about Toast recognising 16:9 video. Final Cut Express was not exporting the QT movie in 16:9 format because I had used the simpler Export > QT Movie. Instead, I used Export > Using QT Conversion. I accepted all defaults except for Size - I chose Use Custom: 1024 and 576 (although perhaps Use Current Size would do).

The resultant QT movie displayed on my LCD computer monitor in 16:9 format (which it had not done before when doing Export > QT Movie) so that was a step forward.

I then dragged the QT movie into Toast 7.0.2 as usual (no need to change defaults) and the image in Toast was in 16:9. The resulting DVD displayed as 16:9 on my LCD computer monitor. (However - not surprisingly - it displayed as 4:3 on my older TV set, which is 15 years old, with the image cropped left and right - 16:9 hadn’t been invented 15 years ago!)

I can’t test it on my modern TV set because my wife is using it for hours, but am confident that it will show 16:9 if I set it to that.

Thanks fo the help.
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shuvayu chakraborty

im not sure where you find the image format… [im definitely a newbie]. but i tried using GSpot to see if i can find it, and i see:
Pic (w x h): 532x28
SAR: 1.900(19:10)
PAR: 1.000
DAR: 1.900(19:10)

alright, so im worse than a newbie… i checked the wrong video. so this one says:
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Frame Size…: 576x240

so if thats right, then im definitely off the 16:9 range… so how do i convert it to 16:9 with keeping the same (or better) quality? are there any programs that does this? im willing to spend money for the programs.

That aspect ratio is quite normal for widescreen & what ConvertX will do is add black bars top & bottom to give a good fit.

I think you might need to look at the settings on your DVD player and/or TV as being the problem.

I’d just set the TV format in ConvertX to Automatic as well.

ok, thanks. i’ll try to do it again. but since i already posted the topic, how about an aspect ratio of 624x256, 640x272, and 656x272 (these were the sizes of the movies that cut of the sides). in fact, (i dont want to be a pest or anything, but…) do u mind if you can just give me a good range for 16:9, and a range when to use 4:3. unless convertx picks up it automatically, hence the automatic setting :confused: . i dont know, im confusing myself.

Just use then Automatic setting is what I’d do.

Anything that’s above 1.33 to 1 ratio is going to be widescreen I’d assume although I can’t be sure as I only infrequently use ConvertX when all else fails.

so what program do you use? because i had it on auto, and it still cut out a little on the sides

Going to your post #5, keep in mind that you will not improve quality above the one of your “source” and the pixels you cut are the ones you loose.
Back to the same post, you have the image ratio and the pixel count, that is sub-DVD quality, so the way to keep the best possible quality should be to keep all your image and find a way to see the video at the center of the screen, in a kind of letterbox that will not be 16:9 anyway.
Other possible solution could be some kind of upscalling, but someone else has to help you there as I only read some refs. about upscalling DVD to HD but no practical contact at all.

I use DVD2SVCD (with the D2SRoba front end) and the Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE).
Occasionally I use NeroVision as well.

I must admit I not recall checking that the total width of a movie is displayed on my TV, just assumed it was OK. Better start checking now.

well, im prefectly fine without 16:9, its just that i only had that and 4:3 as my only options. and i thought 16:9 was better. i would love to keep it same ratio as long is fits the tv without any cuts or blanks. just dont know how.