Burning Web Page To Disk

This might be a simple one for yall but its got me a bit perplexed.

I want to burn my site to disk to use as a mailer portfolio.

I have the site, I`m using Nero 6 to burn with.

Here`s my question…

I know I need to change the file paths of all the links but what do I change them to?

I am using one main file/folder to hold the entire web site with an index.htm file outside of this folder for the main opening page.

I thought if I used the file path…


from the outside index.htm file to the main inside page itd work..but it didnt.

This is more of an html question than A burning question but I thought someone here might have done this before.

Any help?

Depends on how you made the HTML files link to other pages. If you used relative links (index.html -> images/picture.jpg rather than index.html -> www.domain.com/images/picture.jpg) this should work (copy all files in one directory with the same subdirectories as on your website). If you used absolute links than this will never work unless you rewrite all links to relative.

One thing to keep in mind though, when you used PHP or any other file-extension than htm(l) you probably won’t get far (since that uses server side instructions)