Burning Wav with LTR 32123s Problems

I have a problem, perhaps you might know where I could get some advice on it?
with ref to recording music CD
I had a Hewlett Packard 9100 and a 9300, and when I burned music with those cd writers, the music cd worked fine in my in_car cd player, well most of the time at least.
But now I have a Liteon 32123s, and I Burn cd’s the same way and they won’t work on the in car cd player, but work fine on the home Hi Fi system and computer?
I burn them now with the latest Nero and Winoncd and Easy CD creator. but with no luck.
I use Mirror CD’s and a few branded?

Can any body tell us what is the best cdr’s for burning Wav Music CD’s. Ones that might play in my in-car cd player?

What are the best CDR’s for Wav

Please help!!!

Pals08609 (really Paul)
Burning Wav with LTR 32123s Problems Burning Wav with LTR 32123s Problems

are you burning the wavs in data mode instead of audio mode?

there is a difference between burning waves on a data cd or burning an audio cd.

when you burn an audio cd the wave files will be converted to an audio cd. When you burn them on a data cd they still will be wave files. And wave files can not be read by an car stereo.

WHich one are you using Pals08609?

Try to chose (in NERO) “audio cd” in the wizard
Burn in dao or dao/96 on the lowest speed possible

(also update your burner with the latest firmware from