Burning wav files




If I burn a bunch of wav files as a data cd, will they play on a regular cd player


no, because for example regular cd-players need to know table of contents, toc, which is created for you, if you choose “create audio cd” in your burning software, like nero. You can play the files from that disk in your computer, though. There is no need to burn wavs as data-cd.


Okay so if I want to make a audio cd with the wav files I must convert to MP3 then make audi cd or can I just make an audio cd and drag and drop the wav files


nevermind… I just found out … audio is not my thing


you have to use eg nero and a format cd-extra and then it’s easy. if your burner supports that it will work, and you have a multi-session cd, that on pc-drives will read the data and on radio of course only the tracks


kerminen wrote:

There is no need to burn wavs as data-cd.
Yes, but there are situations where this can be useful. By example if data integrity is more important to you than the needed space. Besides that you don’t have to mess around with offsets, etc.

@ntloser: Regular cd-players expect uncompressed
PCM data [44.1 kHz/16 Bit].
However, you could burn it in Mode1 or 2 (RAW) and a (old) stand-alone player should play it (newer ones will prevent playback, because they detect it as what it is: actually a data cd).
If you store the wave as a normal file on a CD, additional error correction data will be added while recording (besides the filesystem, etc.). A CD-player would play this data also - and this doesn’t sound very well :slight_smile: