Burning wav files to CD

When I burn wav files to CD and then play the finished CD with Windows Media Player or Jet Audio, it always shows the Artist and Track Info as Unknown, even though the mp3 files were properly tagged and it is really starting to bug me now.

Hopefully this question will have an easy answer, but as I don’t use wav files very often I am finding it frustrating.

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.Wav files don’t retain this information. Are you burning the disc as an “Audio CD” as opposed to a “data CD”? If so, you need to burn the audio CD with CD Text. Many programs will do this, Burrrn being the easiest to use. Even so, WMP may not show this info while playing the disc. Jet Audio I am not familiar with. Windows Media Player Classic FREEWARE version will show CD Text. CD Text for audio CDs is not a very well implemented feature. Very few commercial CDs bother to use it.

Thanks gamma1, Yes I am burning the disk as an Audio CD and when I am setting up the burn process it does ask if I want to enter the Artist & Album, which I then enter, but this isn’t displayed by WMP when playing the CD and all I get is Artist & Track Unknown.

Sorry, I’m afraid that WMP is kinda lame as far as CD Text is concerned. If you have an album, WMP might be able to use the internet FreeDbase to find the album and titles. But for compilations you are out of luck. But this player will read CD Text (rarely reads it wrong): Media Player Classic freeware v6.4.9. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Media_Player_Classic.htm

Other contributors might have some other suggestions?!?