Burning wav files onto dual layer dvd

I looked around here a bit, couldn’t find answer. I have a Benq 1625w dual layer burner. I managed to get a movie on one with PgcEdit okay, but I can’t seem to figure out how to burn wav files on to a dual layer. I have a large audio book (about 6.3 GB) that I want to put on a DVD.
I have Sonic RecordNow v.7, but it doesn’t seem to like dual layer discs.
Any suggestions?

ImgBurn in build mode might be able to do it. If I were doing it though, I’d convert it to .MP3 at 22KHz sampling and 80 KBps sample rate and use a CD.

het- good plan. cd’s are a lot cheaper than DL DVDs!
Thanks, I shudda thot of that, lol.


I use that rate for my audio books, and if they aren’t already in chapters I run them through MP3 DirectCut and chop them into 6 minute segments to listen to on the car CD/MP3 player. A CD holds at least 16 hours of ‘book’. BTW, I found ‘mono’ to be a good encoding choice, too.