Burning wav files, in need of help!

Hello everyone. I have a real issue with burning wav files. First I convert my mp3 files over to wav format. They sound great and all,but here lies the dilema. I’m using Pinnacle instant cd/dvd creator version 8.0. I transfer the files over and am ready to create the audio cd. The cd burns the files and all set. However, when I insert the cd to any cd player, it plays the first 3 songs beautiful. Once it hits song 4 and beyond, sounds distorted and doesn’t read the rest. What am I doing wrong? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks everyone and sorry about silly question. :confused:

first letz see if it’s pinnacle’s fault or not. download mp3 cd doctor and burn an audio cd. itz free [no adware/spyware]. http://www.mp3surgeon.co.uk/doctor.php

It’s not a silly question, it could just be your mp3’s. as Ghosters indicated, use a different prog to burn your project. Personally I use Roxio for this, but it’s a pay prog.

If you find Pinnacle is the problem and want to use a different Prog, I’ll put in my recommendation for Nero Burning ROM, it works really well and is pretty user friendly, but can do advanced things for you too.