Burning warcraft backup copy

hi, I installed warcraft 3 on my computer, and it runs fine on battle.net, but my brother wanted to play too, so I gave him the CD. Before that, I saved the image (.iso file), to make a backup copy and therefore still be able to play when he’s not on battle.net. (I don’t live with my brother so I can’t just go to his room and take the disk)

I burned a copy of it with nero, but I get a message telling me to insert the disk when I launch the game, even though it is inside the drive. Even when mounting the image with daemon tools, I get this message.

anyone got an idea of what the problem may be?

*I hear warcraft is “secuROM” : Is nero inapropriate?

*Does the problem come from the image, or from the copy I made using it?



The main problem is that the creators of the game don’t want 2 people to use 1 purchased copy of the game. It kinda kills there profits. There are ways to get around this but you’ll need to search on how to make a playable copy of the original.

thanks, but I knew that.

The thing is we aren’t playing at the same time (Bnet wouldn’t let us), so there is absolutely no reason why we should buy two copies of the game.

Does anybody know whether using alcohol 120% would be better than nero?

clone cd with subchannel and reading in a “READER” (non writer) when playing worked fine for my warcraft 3 (non expansion)

Main reason i backed up mine was to keep the cd pristine (and the original is)

The hardest part of that protection is it reads the ATIP so it can determine if the cd is a copy if it is in a cd writer. If you read the copy in a regular cdrom drive or regular dvd-rom drive it should work fine (as long as the subchannel part is met)

I burned mine with a plextor writer btw.

and you should have posted this in the copy protection forum imo.