Burning Warcraft 3 with Nero 6

I know that many people have asked this single question, but I have not yet figured out how to get a copy of Warcraft 3 to work. I have an ASUS 32x12x40 and Nero 6. I’m seriously in the dumps.:confused: If anyone can help out, I’d be much obliged.:bow: Thanks much!


Well it can’t be done with nero for a start.

If it’s the original release of WCIII (v.1.0) the protection used is securom new and you should be able to copy it successfully with any of, in alphabetical order, Alcohol, Blindwrite, CD-Mate, CloneCD, Discjuggler or Gamejack.

If it’s a later release (say v. 1.4+) the protection is securom 4.8x and it will be more difficult to make a working copy. Essentially, your options are a twinpeak copy (made either using blindwrite or by patching an image made in clonecd format with either alochol or clonecd) or a copy requiring either autoplay or RMPS emulation made with blindwrite or alcohol respectively.

Have a look through the tutorials and let us know if you have further problems after reading through the applicable tutes.

I’ve got 1.0, so I’ll give Alcohol a try(had the trial). tries to copy War3 Aaaaannnnd…iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit…worked! :o YES!!! You are my hero! (overreaction) Thanks a bundle! joyfully plays War3 on Battle.net Bai!


Well, I gave the copy to my friend so he could try it out…it didn’t work…now I’m completely lost. Would you mind helping a little bit more?