Burning VOB with dual audio using Nero 7

Hello everyone. I have a slight problem when using Nero 7 to burn some VOB files with dual audio. I can burn them fine to disc or to my HDD (though I don’t know where the files go when i burn them to HDD), but they always have subs and a foreign language.

They have an english dub audio setting but I don’t know how to burn them onto a DVD with english and no subtitles. I’m pretty new to the whole burning/Nero thing, as this was my first attempt and i just winged it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Welcome to the forums ShotGlockMF.

Lets see if I understand what you are doing first. Vob files are specialized files for containing mpeg2 video within a dvd-video. They won’t play properly in a standalone player by themselves, but also need the ifo and bup files within a Video_TS folder. You need the entire dvd-video structure.

If all you have are the vob files, you should be able to import them into Nero Vision and have it output as a complete dvd-video. I’m assuming you have the entire Nero burning suite. If Nero Vision doesn’t want to accept them, let me know…there are ways around that. You should be able to select the audio you want.

If you are starting with a complete dvd-video (with all the vob, bup and ifo files within a Video_TS folder) you can import it into Nero ReCode to select which audio and subtitle streams you want to include or exclude on the output.

All of this assumes that your video is not encrypted, since none of the Nero programs will work with commercial dvds that still have copy protection.