Burning VOB files

I got a movie splitted in two parts. I’ve converted them into VOB files but I don’t know the following:

  1. How do I burn these two Vob-files into a DVD
  2. How do I join these two Vob-files into one VOB-file

Will the two vob-files be joined automatically in the burning process (if they can be burned) or what?

Converted from .avi format, I guess.

Try to use DVDSanta to join and convert as well as burn to DVD.

Uh, I really wonder why you have converted them into VOBs when you don’t know how to use them…?

Check out videohelp.com guides to start with.


Assuming you started with avi files then the easy thing to do is join the files before converting. Use VirtualDub for this. Open first file, append second file. Select direct stream copy (under Video) & save.

Hi. I have solved the problem.
Use TEMPGen Express and then TEMPGenc Author. No problems.
But thsnks for your help. I have bookmarked your answer. Maybe later I will need them.
thanks again folks :slight_smile:

how exactly did you use these programs, I have 5 vob files on my hard drive that I need to get back into one file so I can burn to a DVD and play like a regular movie