Burning vob files

ive got nero 5 and when i put the vob files into video_ts and tried to burn it a message came up saying failed dvd compliance test and may not play.
can anyone help i dont want to waste anymore dvds

Note, VOB files are not the only ones, which have to be present in the VIDEO_TS folder to make the disc DVD-Video compliant.
Anyway your problem seems to be Nero related and this ia NeroSDK forum.

czykit, this post does not seem to have been moved, so he is in the right forum.
Now, to the poster, you really need an easier nick, so I can reference your name:) You will need to upgrade to version 6.6 and get nerovision express to turn those vob’s into a dvd. That is about the only way to burn vob’s without the other files that are normally in a video_ts folder.

Ifoedit, vobedit, other stuff can take vob’s and produce the other files - or so I am told.

If these forums cannot provide an answer (without buying s/w) and I believe the info is here somewhere (so many posts it’s hard finding the right thing with a search :slight_smile: - try doom9.org

@ the poster

If you’ve just got vob files the get Ifoedit which has a function (Create IFO) to create the missing files for that Nero can then burn , as Icey suggests.