Burning VOB files with Ashampoo Burning Studio 7

With Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 you can (A) ‘Burn a Video DVD from a Prepared Folder - (must contain the necessary VOB, IFO & BUP files)’.

However, when you try burn a VOB file with (B) ‘Create a Video DVD’ - you receive the error message “The file format might not be supported”. Although it IS supported in the previous (A) mode!

What I want to ask, needless to say, is whether it IS possible to create you own Video DVD from VOB files with ASB7. I know it can be done with DVDSanta, but who wants a compilation with no menu!

The fact that VOB is supported in (A) and NOT in (B) is very confusing. So, am I overlooking something obvious? Is there some sort of plug-in available?

Any comments would be appreciated.

When you look at the file system, DVD-VIDEO is just a regular DVD data disc, with some pre-determined files.

So, the burning software only needs to burn the files IFO/VOB/BUP as a regular disc (OK, almost as a regular disc, they do need to position those files at some particular offsets, but that’s all the calculation it needs to do). It doesn’t need to know anything about DVD encoding (in VOB) and navigation (in IFO).

VOB contains the video data. IFO contains the navigation data. The DVD player reads the IFO to decide how to play the VOB.

So, for a software to generate IFO, it pretty much has to know the whole DVD-VIDEO spec (which has 10x more stuff than the file system).

So…my point is, all burning software can burn the DVD with prepared VIDEO_TS folder, but no, even if a burning software claims to be able to burn from VOB only (meaning they generate IFO from VOB), I wouldn’t trust it. I would rather use a specialized DVD authoring software to generate IFO.

Thanks for the input, John. Very interesting.

However, the really puzzling thing is WHY this should apply to VOB files created/obtained by ‘DVDfab decrypter’ when there is a BUP & IFO file
accompanying each one. However, all that’s academic.

My efforts with DVDSanta were far from successful, I must admit. Apart from the (aforementioned) lack of a menu, the results had an amazing lip-synch delay problem that made them unwatchable. This could be my fault, however, as I burnt them at 8x speed, when reference to the faqs show that I shouldn’t
have exceeded 4x when burning a DVD-R disc. Hindsight!.