Burning videos using nero

I just got a dvd burner for my laptop and when I try to burn my music videos that I have downloaded, it starts transcoding. But then it stops in the middle of doing so and freezes up the program. I have tried to do this like ten times and the same thing happens. Does anyone know what i am doing wrong? If so could you please help me out?

Welcome to CDFreaks; These music files you are trying to burn are they in your harddrive or on in a CD?. These is a possibility that some of those music files are in format that Nero (the version you are using ) doesn’t have plugin for it. Try to download the latest Nero 7 ( and install it as a demo then try to burn with that version see if the process goes thru without problem.

they are on my hard drive. Thank-you for the advice and the welcome to cdfreaks

If you are using Nero, then it’s your template selection which determines whether the program tries to trans/re-encode or not.

Please tell us what sort of file you are starting with (.mpg, .iso, .avi) and what you want the end-product to be on the disc (eg DVD-Video).

Also, if using nero 6, make sure you update to the latest version. some of the earlier version had issues with transcoding some file types though the latest version of 6 seemed to do a better job (at least that was my experience and I recall others posting about the same).