Burning VIDEO_TS with Nero Burning ROM

I have been burning Video-TS movies using Nero burning ROM successfully for a couple months now. Just recently every disc I burn when played in my VCR plays in black and white and flips horizontally. I have tried burning at different speeds. Different blank media all to no avail. The disc burns still play perfectly on my PC or Laptop. Other movies including AVI files burnt with Nero vision work on the VCR perfectly. Any help would be appreciated, thanks, David =]

In the post I said VCR but meant DVD player. Could not figure out how to edit post. Sorry, still new to all this. Thanks!db

How do you have your dvd player setup? My girlfriend used to have a dvd player and see she said she bought it broken. I looked and it was connected to a vcr, then from the vcr to the tv. The problem here is that dvd players have a built in protection program that will purposely mess up your image in order to stop you from recording it. I think they should stop this since no one I know would willingly copy a dvd movie to a vhs… it’s not logical anymore. So yea, I saved her from throwing away a perfectly good $200 dvd player just by plugging it directly into the tv.

That’s my guess…

Nah, its hooked directly to the tv. The discs I’d been burning worked fine until recently, the older ones still work and everything else I play works fine. Only the new discs that i burn from VIDEO_TS folders are not working anymore. I’m baffled. I don’t think i’m doing anything different and i’ve tried about 6 different ones all with the same results the b&w and the flipping. :frowning:
I’m starting to think it’s a poltergeist.

Sounds like a PAL vs NTSC problem. What country are you in?

In the U.S. but If the files are in PAL then what do I do in Nero Burning rom to change them or can I?

Use nero vision.

Select make a DVD video, then on content screen select Add Video Files.
Select the files in the folder, I think selecting all of them nero will automatically combine the files into a single movie. Get past the menu and preview screens, then I believe on the burn settings screen nero will say something like “This video contains more pal than NTSC content. Would you like to convert to pal?” Select no, then make sure in the video settings it’s set to NTSC. I’ve been working on a guide just for this situation of using Vision. Look for my post coming up about creating a DVD using vision.

I did find out the movies were PAL. Yes, you can burn them to disc using Vision. The thing is, you lose your original menu and when watching the film there is a noticable “seam” between each file. When burning NTSC with Nero burning ROM you dont get this and you get menus just like the original dvd. I am ok with creating my own menus, its the breaks in the film that really bother me. I have tried so many suggestions all to no avail.

I haven’t converted any but lots of people on this forum have. Search ‘PAL NTSC’ would probably find you lots of info on how to.

I found a way to burn these PAL VIDEO_TS folders. I had to convert them to NTSC using ConvertXtoDVD first. Then I burnt to disc using Nero Burning ROM. You can also burn them with the ConvertXtoDVD. I just prefer to use what I am familiar with. YAY!:bigsmile: