Burning video DVDs with CDRecord

I’ve written a small app that ultimately produces DVDs as ISO format. I’m looking at adding burning capabilities to this program, however I’m having a hard time. I’ve tried various builds of cdrecord, including ones with “DVD Hacks”, and all of them burn the disk just fine but the resulting disk shows up as an “incompatible disk” in my DVD player. I know it’s not my programs fault, because f I burn the same ISO image using DVD Decrypter it works perfectly. Also when I look at these disks using DVD Decrypter the status for the cdrecord disk shows “incomplete”.

My questions are…

  1. Has anyone ever sucessfully created a DVD, on Windows, using cdrecord that played in a standalone DVD player. (the ones I create work fine in my PC, but not in my DVD player) And if so which build do you use, and which settings?

  2. Is there any other free command line DVD burning programs available for Windows that might do a better job?


I have not used CDRecord at all. But I am 99% sure that ISO format only will not work, it needs to be UDF & ISO. Also, the files need to be arranged in a specific way. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Like I said if I burn the same ISO file using DVD Decrypter the disk works perfectly, so it has to be the burn, and not the ISO file, causing the problem. That’s why I’m so stumped. There are all these tutorials about using cdrecord to burn DVDs, but I can’t get it to work to save my life. :frowning: