Burning Verbatims 16x Misleading



I Bought My First Pack Of Verbatims 16x Dvd-r…i Dontget It…some Burn Like At 12x -13x And One Even Burned On 8x…i Updated The Firmware To 1.04…can Anybody Explain This…and Is Anybody Burning 16x Media At A Solid 16…the Most I Have Gotten Is 5 Minutes To Burn A Dvd …and It Goes At 12x 13x Never A Solid 16x


What do you mean by a solid 16x?


16x Is Speeeddd…


your SHIFT key is broken…

read some more in the Plextor section, especially the “Quality Scans” thread and the “Firmware 1.04” thread…you should be able to glean information as to why certain media doesn’t always REACH 16X during the burn. the PowerRec function of the Plextor drives does some on-the-fly adjustments based on the media quality. turn PR off and you will reach 16X but run the risk of higher than acceptable PIE and PIF errors and possibly some POFs which are a definite no-no. 16X is possible and you CAN get “within standards” results but most ppl here abide by stricter standards than PIE<280 and PIF<4.

zevia just recently posted some test burns & scans for that particular media and i just picke up a 25pk of it and will post some test results in the next 2 days or so.


Or maybe what polo110 means a solid 16x speed from start? It can’t happen because of disk structure. Burn starts in the inner side of the disk, around 6x at 8000 rpm (correct me). While it fills up data toward the outer ring, the speed increases. Most drive with CAV/PCAV writing methods reaches 16x at the end of the disk (aroundd 4.3GB mark). LG4163 and it’s family can reach and maintain 16x before 4gb mark.


I have some spindles of Verbatim DVD+R 16X media that only 1 out of 3 discs will burn a full 16X to the end. You can predict which discs will or won’t work by doing a quality scan. I know it’s the media, because my Benq 1620’s Qscan utility gives the same result. Perhaps this is why Pioneer has been vocally complaining about the quality of 16X media out there…