Burning Verbatim DVD+R DL


I just burned my first Verbatim +R DL(MKM 01) tonight and everything looks good - using BSLB & BenQ 1640. However, just like some hollywood manufactured dual layer DVD’s I have bought, you can see some squiggly lines of what I am assuming is adhesive in the burned area between the 2 layers after burning. Has anyone else experienced this?

Can you elaborate more? Do you mean the video pauses at layer break?

i think i know what hes talking about. some of my Verbatim DVD+RDL media has the same squigly lines on them (easier to see when you look in the light). i didnt really worry about it, as long as playback is fine, and the burn quality/transfer rate test was ok.

“squiggly lines”

Do you mean the rainbow like effect? If so, this is the refraction of light between the layers of the disk.