Burning VCDs Problems

Each time I try to burn a VCD using the Nero Wizard I get a VCD that plays fine on the PC, but that pauses and jerks a lot in my DVD player. The problem seems consistant across Nero Versions. It is almost as if the DVD player does not have enough processor capacity to playback the video and audio streams simultaneously.

It doesn’t seem related to pressed VCDs, just those encoded and burned with Nero. I have a copy of Planet of the Apes 2001 which was purchased for me in Hong Kong which is fine, but if I use Nero to encode any other MPEG the problem exists.

I’m tempted to believe that the problem lies with the DVD player, but that wouldn’t explain why it plays pressed VCDs properly. One thing I haven’t tried is to take the MPEG file from the pressed VCD and burn it with Nero and see what happens.

Any ideas?


just some info for you , i know of a few people who have similar issues during playback on there dvd - try burning to a cdrw then give it a try :cool:

Its some thing to do with the colour / type disc of cdrs :confused:

dont ask me what but all i know is a cdrw backup usually works and a cheaper brand of dvd player the best bet.

Ive got a wharfdale from tescos and it plays anything i throw at it
cost me @120 a year ago…
My buddy spent @450 pounds on a sony and he struggles to play normal dvds never mind backups

I also seem to get a High lvl of distortion in the sound lvling. Is there a way for nero to lvl out or reduce distortion?? Or am I just doing it wrong?

Plays find on PC but Shocking sound on TV (DVD Player)

Thanks for the thoughts, I’ve tried CD-R and CD-RW as well as the pressed VCDs. I even copied the pressed VCD onto a CD-R and CD-RW with Nero and each time it played fine, the problem only seems to be when Nero builds the VCD.

I have a Toshiba SD210E which plays DVD/VCD/MP3 and is happy with multisession CD-R and CD-RW even if the CD is not closed. It just won’t play …

A guy I work with has an Accoustic Solutions 510 which he got from Richer Sounds for £99 and he’s OK with everything he throws at it too.

I’m thinking that it is an issue with tolerances in the mpeg file, but can’t prove it.

My initial setup worked fine. I captured my video and burned several good xVCD’s. Now, any VCD I burn will not work in my player. The originals still work but I can’t even copy them. Nero doesnt’ seem to be the problem because vcdimagereasy has the same issues. I just bought a new CDRW thinking it was a hardware issue. The issue also appeared on my secondary machine which didn’t have a burner previously installed. The only thing similar between the two machines is the VIA chipset. This problem is driving me mad. I even rebuilt the machine but to no avail. Please post any ideas you may have.

Epox 8KHA+, Athlon 1400, 512DDR
HP9100 (swapped with Hi-val 24x10x40)
Windows 2000 SP2
Nero 5.5
Panasonic CV-51


When you say ‘initial setup’ have you changed anything right before the problem started? Have you updated your VIA drivers (sometimes it’s best to stay with ones that work, an update can sometimes create problems)? Are you or did you use Microsoft’s native drivers and then make a switch or vise versa?

You could peruse VIA’s site for info on the proper use of their drivers for your OS. For myself (w98) I had problems with my Plextor 1210 until I un-installed the ‘mini-port driver’ (probably should not have installed it in the first place).

Orinoco you are on the right path to question the mpeg file. I found this to be my problem. I thought I was working with my original files but I then remembered that I removed a couple seconds from the beginning and end of the files to clean them up. Once I did that the timing for the whole file was lost. I can’t seem to sync the vid and aud again. I am in the process of recapturing all my vids again and I hope that works.

I found this problem when I downloaded a Nero image and it burned fine and played fine. My mpegs were bad to start with so Nero was not able to convert them to DAT files properly. Hope this helps.

I may be a little late on this thread but if anyones reading I too have had the same problems. When encoding some home movie stuff from analogue videocamera, no problem but other video I’ve had problems with the sound. I dont have a solution but my next move is to re-encode the movie to vcd complient with tmpenc and set the sound to mono and lower the volume. Hopefully this may have an effect. If that doesn’t work I may try lowering the quality. Anyway we will see. If anyones tried these things already I would love to know.

I use tmpenc to manipulate the mpg files before asking Nero to burn. Nero throws up an error and will re-encode before burning if required, but whether I ask Nero to re-encode or not the outcome is the same.

It might be that you are encoding at a combined bit rate higher than that which your DVD player can handle. If you are doing VCD, try encoding one at 1150 video & 224 audio, and see what happens. Standard VCDs play at 1150 video bit rate, anything higher is non-standard, and isn’t necessarily accounted for by the manufacturers. Try encoding to SVCD if the quality is not good enough for you.

I’m trying it now on a problem file. I would imagine your quite on the ball with this and you’ve saved me running through a thousand pages of specs, instructions and hearsay. Ta ! Any good for U Orinoco

Have only just seen it, and I tend to rely on Nero doing the encoding of my MPGs, will need to try to work out how to re-encode the MPGs first.

Don’t hold your breath though.

I have got a VCD, taken the MPEGAV data file, put it into a Nero VCD template and it burns a coaster. Windows 2000 OS reports that the CD Nero has just burned in that very machine is unreadable with an ‘Incorrect function’ error.

I can copy the disk, but if I try to use the VCD function of Nero is burns sucessfully, but makes a coaster.

Incidentally this functionality is repeated if you try to burn a previously created image file too.

You can use TMPGenc to encode your avi files to mpeg.
Afther that you only need Nero to burn the mpeg

TMPGenc gives you a better result then the encoder of NEro