Burning VCDs and/or SVCDs

I think I’ll have to establish that I am a newbie before I get started.
I haven’t tried it yet, and I really do experiment too much with my computer and screw it up from time to time so I decided to check with you lot before I proceed with this one.

Say I have two video files on my computer. One’s 699mb big (part1 to a movie) and the other is 700mb big (part2). Both are encoded in/as Xvid formats. (Not sure what preposition one uses in those contexts)
Now let’s assume that I use Nero Express to create a SVCD. First of all I do have to get hold of a Xvid plugin for Nero right? Anyway, say I have one, and I then choose ‘part1’. In my head I get the feeling that Nero has to decode the Xvid and then Encode it in some Super VCD format (or did I jump on to the wrong train?), however, wouldn’t the SVCD format of that file become bigger than the Xvid? And if so, as my cds only have a 700mb limit, is it possible that Nero burns as much of part1 as possible and finished it off and then asks me to insert a new cd and continues?!
Please help, and I apologize for this immense post. :slight_smile:


last time I tried, there was a plug-in required specifically for SVCD; but that one can get hold of. I remember that when trying to make a VCD and SVCD of the same clip, VCD worked at once, but I had to get the plugin for SVCD.

I think when the playing is longer, there was an option, something like Use multiple discs. I tried VCD/SVCD about half a year ago, so I don’t remember too clearly, but I think I recall that. I would suggest trying to make SVCD on CD-RW first, just to make sure you work out the details before you get permanent :slight_smile:

Good luck

Thanks a lot, I hate to wait a few days for that answer but it was worth it I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Will try that.

Personally, I am looking for a way for NVE to burn a previously acquired MPEG-2 to the CD. For example, … as if I acquired a 2-hour movie off my TV-tuner to a 1.3Gb MPEG file … and hope a Nero module (NVE or plugin) would recode it to fit onto a 700Mb CD.

Have I missed a trick somewhere?

tia :slight_smile:

Oh right! Yeah that would be pretty helpful to know. Or in my case, not solely one cd, but could nero split it up into two files so without losing any picture quality I could burn the two files on to a cd? Basically my initial question but abbreviated a great deal :stuck_out_tongue: 'Cuz if you managed to compress a 1.3gb file to a cd ur bound to lose some quality, perhaps?

My 2 cents :

Mpeg file up to 800-820 Mb can be written to 700 Mb discs. Their physical format is different fron avi formats.

Mpeg must be burnt as “Video CD” and avis as “data cd”.

In most softwares, try also DVD2SVCD downloadable at doom9.org, trere are settings for you to split the resulting video into several parts. Generally, you set them to split at whatever size you want.

Extensive tutorials are available at doom9 and dvdrhelp.com. Also search cdfreaks :wink:

Yay, thanx