Burning vcd without errors

how can i? i noticed that most of my vcds give few errors when playing on my stand-alone dvd, worst of them all is on a verbatim 24x burned @ 40 x :bigsmile: . i was just wondering if other media or lower speeds might give better results…

well first off, burning on 24x media at 40x is more than likely going to give you errors. Try lowering to 24x and see if tjhats better. Also i read somewhere you should burn at 4 or 8x, not sure, might try it though.

As said by kwkard, 4x & 8x are good for VCD’s. I burn at 12x or 16x on my 40x LiteOn, anything faster gives playback problems regardless of the CDR its burn to.

I agree with the maestro CM on that one. I have a 40x Litey too which only goes as low as 8x and that seems to be OK, though I do most of my VCD’s on my Sony Vaio laptop and burn them back at 4x. Most of the real bad VCD’s I have were from car boot’s etc where even if it’s a DVD rip they must be burned at 40x and the overall quality of these is utter cr@p! :frowning: