Burning VCD/SVCD Compilations To DVD

Ok, since using the VCD/SVCD option only applies to CDRs, and a stand-alone DVD player returns a BAD DISC error on a DVD ISO compilation of VCD-Compliant MPGs, just HOW do you get them burned to a playable DVDR?

Any assistance would be greaty appreciated, as this is the primary reason I just shelled out for the drive.

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Not sure, if I got your question right…but simply convert the mpg1 (VCD) to mpg2 (SVCD\DVD). You should have no problem then…

Monty, no I don’t think you understand the issue.

I have files that are currently VCD/SVCD - I want to burn them to a DVD that is playable in a stand-alone DVD player.

I do not find an appropriate option to do that in Nero 6 (latest version).

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Yes, but you won’t be able to play these discs on a standalone player unless you convert the material to a DVD compliant format and vcd mpg isn’t dvd compliant. Try NeroVision Express for example or get a tool to convert your vcd movies to a dvd compliant format.

Monty, after doing a bit more Googling, it turns out that SVCD2DVDMPG will do the trick.

Take the MPEG file from the CD and then use NeroVision Express to convert it to a dvd using the DVD-Video option. Works great.

I know, but I wasn’t too happy with the results, thus I do not recommend it…


Wouldn’t that require the source file to be up to DVD resolution specs? A VCD blown up to DVD resolution is going to look horrible.


What happened with your results?

First of all, I am glad you got things sorted.

Secondly my results weren’t that good concerning pix quality. I tried a lot of options, had some BSODs and finally used other progs which gave me the wanted results. But if the prog is okay for you, there is no need for arguing…


Well, I don’t know that it is okay, as I haven’t tried it yet. I was just going by the description of the program and other write-ups on it.

I’d be interested in what program(s)/process(es) you use at this point =)

I have used TMPGEnc Plus/Express with good results.

Its quite possible that TPEGEnc Plus can give you better results, it is an Encoder as opposed to a Transcoder (NeroVision Express). I think it also depends on the quality of your VCD as well.
How about you try both ways and see which you find is easier and what produces better results.

On a slightly different tack, why do people prefer DIVX, XVID to Nero Digital MP4???
I’ve converted a movie to a 700 MB MP4 which is simply running it through Recode and converted it back again to DVD 3-4 GB using NeroVision Express and to be quite honest , the video was wonderful and it still had the Dolby 5.1 track and the sound was amazing. I’ve never had this sort of result converting any DIVX, XVID file.