Burning VCD and SVCD does speed matter?


Do higher burn speeds lower the quality of VCDs and SVCDs?


in my experience, i found out that higher speed does not lower the quality (how could they??), but it looks like the final cd got more little errors than one burned @ lower speeds.

Seems to make a difference to me. I get much better quality with 8x (which is as slow as my writer can burn to a cdr) than with higher speeds.

Burning the VCD at high speed will result in waht appears to be a good burn. However, on playback on a DVD Player (which is normally a slow 2x DVD ROM unit) can result in the lack of reading the data off the CDR which then gives pixelation and sound errors, particularly on the later 1/3 of the CDR.

I am able to burn VCD and SVCD at 16x on my 40x LiteOn when using good quality media (like Mutsui ) without causing any playback problems on at least a dozen different DVD Player units that my friends have. But with my old Sony 12x burner, 4x was the max you could go to to get 100% error free playback.

i have burnt a VCD the other day at 48x and played like a charm in DVD player, but i have also burnt at 8x and it has skipped - which leads me to believe that both the media type and DVD player are what is matters when it comes to playing back a burnt (S)VCD… just burn and try! personally i wouldn’t reccomend anything higher than 12x to be on the safe side.

I can burn SVCD’s at 40x without problems as long as the media is good. Whether the media is good or bad reveals itself during playback, if it’s bad then my DVD-player will give me blocks and starts skipping.

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Do higher burn speeds lower the quality of VCDs and SVCDs?

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No probs dude.

Burnt VCDs from 4x till 48x. No problems. All work fine even on old VCD Players than are not CD-R compliant.