Burning UT

how can i make a copy of UT that wont need a crack because i hate using cracks a perfect 1:1 copy if possible

Hello, this might help you…

You can get by the CD insert and run a virtual Drive of CD 1, this does not get by the serial protection, if you want a valid serial, BUY THE GAME> :slight_smile:

(Readme of .mds files contains instructions, browse down for url’s…)

These MDS-Files are needed to run Alcohol- or FantomCD-created images of games using the latest Securom© version or VOB ProtectCD 5©.
Please carefully read the ‘readme.txt’ coming with the following archives:

Unreal Tournament 2003© (german multilanguage version)

Unreal Tournament 2003© (french multilanguage version)

Unreal Tournament 2003© (spanish multilanguage version)

ReadMe Contains:

Instruction for Unreal Tournament 2003© (german EU version):

This archive contains updated MDS file for Unreal Tournament 2003©
(german EU version).
It contains some additional physical information needed by virtual CDROM to
emulate original media more accurate, which is required by new SecuRom version.
We provide this MDS for convenience of users, so they can play this game
from virtual drive until new burning programs will appear that will be able
to create such files automatically.

  1. Create an MDS-image of the original disc 1 with
    Alcohol 120% or FantomCD (h**p://fantomcd.copystar.com.tw/enu/download.php3)
  • IMPORTANT!!! - use the name ‘UT2003_CD1.mds’ (if not set by default)!!!
    ‘Read subchannels’ must be selected during image creation!
  1. After image is created please verify that the size of ‘UT2003_CD1.mdf’ is
    797.051.664 bytes (325.743 sectors), so you know that this MDS-file
    corresponds with your game version and the image you created.

  2. Backup your original ‘UT2003_CD1.mds’ for safety and replace it with the
    ‘UT2003_CD1.mds’ in this archive.

Now you can mount the created image with DAEMON Tools 3.23 or Alcohol 120% and play the game.

(Use Alcohol 120% !!! have had problems even with latest version of Daemon Tools…)

The .mds files can be found here–>

Daemon Tools Homepage:

(I have purchased UT2k3 in Ireland but have no problem mounting a virtual CD of CD1 using the German version .mds …)

The software needed to copy and mount can be found here–>

(Trial version, full can be ’ acquired ’ by searching various cdr forums. IMHO this program is worth buying but I find the price around ten euros too high at the mo’, should be less expensive.)

Alcohol Homepage:

All the best.


when i said UT i meant the first one a friend of mine wants it and i dont know how to get it to burn right

Original Unreal Tournament will either be safedisc 1 protected or completely unprotected depending upon whether it’s an early (safedisc) or later (unprotected) release.

Also if an early release is patched to the final version, the cd isn’t required as the upgrade patch operates as a legal no cd patch.