Burning using Multiple recorders with DW1655

I have a computer with two DVR-108 drives, and I have been able to burn two DVDs at the same time at whatever speed the DVD-R was rated at.

I built a new computer for a friend with two DW1655 burners, and it will only burn two discs at 1X speed. If burning one disc at a time, it will burn it at the rated speed of the DVD-R.

The DW1655s firmware are at BCHB. I am using Nero Ultra vrs. on both computers.

Has anyone else had similar issues with BenQ drives?

The computer with the DW1655 burners is a AMD X2 3800+ with RS480 chipset, where the DVR-108 is only a preHT 2.8GHz P4


maybe issues with chipset drivers. If that machine has Nvidia chipset, remove Nvidia IDE drivers and see, if it works with MS standard drivers. Also use 80 wire IDE cables for connecting the drives.


Thanks, I would have assumed it was an 80 wier IDE cable. I am pulling the case open now to verify. I am running the crossfire RS480 Chipset. I will try to unload the ATI drivers and see what happens. Thanks


ATi chipset? I haven’t read about outstanding performance of these. Seems, as if Intel chipsets are more performant.


Uninstalled all ATI dirvers using ATI’s uninstall program. Had to install video drivers, so used the ones that were detected by windows. Checked ide drivers, and looks like the ms driver dated aug of 04 is loaded. Started burning 2 discs at once, to see what happens. The ribbon cable is an 80 wire cable. Thanks for your help.


What about DMA? Is it enabled for all the devices and are the 2 burners on the same IDE channel?

Just seen your new post. You’re not using Nero’s feature for burning the same files to 2 or more burners from what you say.
So if the burners are on the same IDE cable and the source is the same HDD then slow burning will result.

7 minutes into burn, and I am on track for a 30 minute 1X burn using TYG03. Would hate to think I have to replace motherboard to get better than 1X burn speed. I would settle for 4X when burning 2 discs at once. From my experience there is only 10 to 50 seconds difference between 8X, 12X, and 16X using a single DW1655.


another idea: Windows sometimes has problems if two identical drives are installed. This can be avoided, if these drives have different firmware (You can even Xflash one of those Benqs to a Philips 1668).


Since I still have both computers: I plan on pulling the two DW1655 drives, and putting them in the computer with the two DVR-108 drives, and see what happens.

Not sure if I made myself clear, so here goes:
If you have more than one DVD burner installed in a computer, Nero gives you an option to burn files to multiple burners. I select that option, and start the burn process. I have never tried burning two completely different sets of files at the same time. In both computers, I have the DVD drives set as master and slave on the secondary IDE channel. I guess since I can do it on my computer, and my friend has witnessed this, he expects the same results on the one I built for him.

Michael, my friend had a DW1640, so I put that in with his DW1655. With a DW1640 and a DW1655, he could only burn at 1X to both drives at the same time. I searched everywhere for someone having similar issue, and could not find any. I then concluded the issue was with the two different drives, so I had him pickup another DW1655. When that didn’t solve the issue, I felt it was time to turn to the experts here.

TimC, I checked to make sure both drives are operating in DMA mode, and they are. I had a one of my DVR-108 drives drop to PIO4 out of the blue, which prevents anything greater than 1X even when burning only one disc.

Thanks for your input, I am sure with the talent on this board, a solution will come soon.

I am pulling drives now to see if my DVR-108 will burn at 16X on his computer, and I am going to see if the DW1655 will burn at anything other than 1X on mine.

Did not get a chance to pull the drives out of both computers, and swap them to see if the Intel chipset would burn at rated speed on the DW1655, but I did split the channels on the ATI chipset computer, and they would again only burn to two discs at the same time at 1X speed. We had a bad set of thunderstorms roll through today, so I have had the computer off. Will try the drive swap idea tomorrow.


I just tried to burn with two recorders at the same time using Nero. Drives were LG 4163B (Sec. Master) and Benq 1650 (Sec. Slave) on VIA KT800 Pro based mainboard.
Nearly full disc of Data (~4300 MB).
Used media: TTH02 (TDK 16x DVD-R).
Write speed was initially set to 12x, but Nero complained and reduced to 8x.
Total write time was 18:00 min,
so the discs were written effectively @4x. With these numbers, this “use multiple drives” option isn’t very useful. If I wrote the two discs one after the other @12x or even 16x, I’d need less time.

Maybe I’d get better times if I used drives, that are connected to different controllers (I can chose :D).

P.S.: Will post scans on request - sometimes it looked as if the drive buffers ran low

Your problem is partly the burners & partly the computer setup. DW-1655 are only UDMA-2, with slow burst rate.
You’re also crippling the burners by placing them on the same IDE chain. Good luck getting fast speeds.
The best you can do is to put one burner per IDE chain and hope that an external firmware comes out for your burners (ie, something > UDMA2).

Using an Benq 1650 and a philips 1648 I was able to reach 12X with the Benq and 14X with the philips.
I am burning with ONES.
My computer is an Athlon 64 3500 on an Nforce 4 chipset.


Also gave two DVDs at once ago and had no problems using a Benq DW1650 and a Plextor PX-708a. Both drives were able to burn the same data, at the same time at 8X - max speed for the Plextor. The Benq was set to 16X but Nero reduced it. Burn time was 9:07 mins.

The DW1650 is on the primary channel as slave and the Plextor on the secondary as master. The Benq shows a burst rate of 23 MB/sec and the Plextor 27. Both drives are UDMA 2 - Ultra33.

Comp specs are:-

MSI K7N2 Delta mainboard (NVIDIA nForce 2 chipset) using NVIDIA IDE drivers
AMD Athlon 2500+ Processor
Maxtor DIamond Max 9 SATA Hardrive
1 GB of Corsair XMS3200 Ram

Hehe :slight_smile:

Ok, now I tried this: Used my Benq (Secondary Slave) and my Samsung SH-W163A (connected to Promise PDC20579 SATA).
Media: TDK branded Yuden T03.
Speed initially set to 16x.
Elapsed time: 08:10 min

Ok, I pulled the DW1655, and put them in the P4 computer. Burned two discs at once at 1X speed, or 30 minutes for a single layer DVD-R disc. I put one DVR-108 back in, and tried burning two discs at once, and the best I could get was 4X. The more I look into this the more I am leaning towards the fact the DW1655 is limited to UDMA Mode 2, and the DVR-108’s run at UDMA Mode 4. Anyone want to buy two DW1655?

Sent the DW1655 back to Newegg, and replaced them with DVR111, I can now burn at rated speed when burning to both drives at the same time. I guess the key here, is the interface needs to be UDMA66. Thanks for everyones help.