Burning Using Multiple Liteons


I Have a 2.1 Athlon on a Abit KG7R mobo 1 gig of RAM, I also have a Longshine Raid card. This allows upto 12 IDE devices to be connected. In the past I had a couple of Plextors on this mobo and I could burn in tandem no problem. I then had a couple of 24x Liteons and could never achieve multiple burning. I now have 2 x LTR 401 25W and a LXR 40122. Again no matter what combination I use I can not burn on any 2 drives at 1 time.
I have moved every device and tried every conceivable combination taking some out putting some in taking out the raid card etc etc. Please believe me when I say I have exhausted every avenue.
I have also tried all the firmwares as and when they become available. I have never managed to achieve a multiple burn.
What happens is both burn O.K buffers are nice and full and everything looks sweet. Then one will finish the burn at the correct point whilst the other burns to the edge of the CD-R before crashing my PC. When I take out the discs it/they work O.K but I have to restart my PC before I can continue.
I have formatted and reinstalled so many times so that my burning apps have virgin installations but it’s the same every time. I’ve tried every version of Nero and Every Version of Disc Juggler that supports my Liteons. As I say i previously had it working with Plextors so why the beef with Liteon?
Does anyone elso use multiple Liteons to burn?
Thanks for looking in

I can, but the drives must be connected to one onboard IDE channel each. No chance if they share one channel.

I’ve had them on seperate chans even 1 on raid 1 on Primary. I’ve had 1 on Primary 1 on Secondary, USB 2 + Primary, Raid and USB 2, etc etc… Slave, Master the list is end less.

What setup you got alexnoe? OS/Mobo/ Burning app?


OS, Mobo, chipset => see my signature :slight_smile:

App = Nero Dual burning speed is 48x.

Hmm, I’m using the same Nero sa you at the mo… burn speed is not a factor as I’ve tried all speeds. Only real difference Is me using XP Pro and you using Win 2K. Motherboard might also be a factor… but I have used it as I say with Plextors… I’m getting very anoyed with the whole affair
Thanks again

For one thing, I’ve heard that ONLY hard drives should be run on the add-in IDE channels. CD/DVD drives tend to not work well on them. Of course, YMMV…

As I say though, I’ve had one on IDE 1, One on IDE 2 and the HD’s booting from the Raid chans, so no form of CD drive is actually on a add on card or raid chan. Also I’ve tried em with the USB 2 writer again, nothing on a add on.

I think you said you have updated Nero, that was a bug in earlier versions of Nero.
I am burning to 2 drives here, either in one instance of Nero or in 2 instances. If I have both RW drives on one channel I can only burn to them simultaneously in one instance. With them on separate channels I can do pretty much anything.
HD’s are masters, RW’s are slaves.
AMD 1400, Keystone, KT133, VIA 4-in-1 v4.40.
The drives are 48125W and 52246S.