Burning undisputed 2



hey guys i been triyinng to copy this nw movie undisputed 2, its awesome u guys should see it. I mde a copie and gave me an error when i tried to play it on my dvd player do you guys know why?. I am using 1 click dvd copy 5 and to emulate it i am using 43 the last version if you guys could help i would appreciate it.


you may be using 43 and it hasnt been updated in a while…try ripit4me and dvd shrink and see if that works


Welcome to CDFreaks forum, first make sure you are using a good brand of media (Sony, Fuji, Maxell) MIJ or Verbatim, second if the movie is not recently protected movie then use DVDShrink to rip, encode and shrink the movie into your hard drive and then burn it with Nero, otherwise use RipIt4ME as has suggested by previous poster.