Burning under linux

Hi everyone!
Does anyone have a opinion about what are the best programs for cd burning in linux?

I’m more interested in audio, but every opinion is apreciated


I always used KToast for all my Linux burning needs…

Well there really is only one viable cdwriting solution for linux, and that is cdrecord which is a console application. There are are alot of different frontends to cdrecord, some support on the fly audio some do not.

.: Try googling for cdrecord gui and cdrecord frontends, should give you a nice list to go through. I always rip the the audio using cdda2wav and then burn the waves with cdrecord, make sure to add the pad option if you do it this way.

I used, and still use, X-CD-Roast 0.98 as frontend for cdrecord and have been absolutely satisfied with it. I also use the console for burning audio.

P.S. There are so many frontends that I can’t name them all. Check out the software section at www.linux.com for more.

I use the one that came with Red Hat 7.3 in the KDE GUI. K-oncd it’s called i think.

Anyone using this package? I’m looking for CD and DVD burning software for Linux. Thanks.

oh man one of the reasons I had not compleatly switch to linux

I dream of nero for linux in the future:D