Burning two movies at once on same computer?

I am curious if anyone has tried to rip, encode, or burn two movies at the same time on the same machine? For the situation below, assume these are orginal dvd-video dual layer discs and that they are different titles.

I am thinking since I have a dvd-rom and a dvd-burner, theoretically I could rip two completely separate movies at the same time. A 7200rpm hard drive is capable of > 44MB/s read/write speeds. Since most dvd-roms and burners top out at about 5-7x speed for ripping(7-10MB/s) theoretically once should be able to rip two movies at the same time to the same hard drive and still have a bandwidth of less than the 44MB hard drive threshhold.

The encoding would probably be a different story though since this is more linearly dependent on the processor speed so I don’t think you would gain any time here.

The burning though, could fall under the same category as the ripping. (For arguments sake, say the max you can reliably burn at is 8x speed). In theory if you had two burners both maxed out at 8x speed(2x 11.25MB/s = 22.5MB/s) you are still way under the read speed of the hard drives.

So the original question again. Has anyone tried ripping or burning two (different) movies at the same time?

You can rip from multiple drives at the same time just fine. I use Decryter and open it multiple times. Just remember to open however many you are going to do before you start to rip with any instance. Burning to multiple drives is equally easy. I have never tried to compress multiple movies at the same time.

I have 3 DVD burners and 1 DVD rom in my case. I have ripped 4 movies at the same time before. (Now that my NEC 3500 is the best burner in my group, I usually restrict myself to no more than 3 at a time, just to save on wear and tear to that burner.) There is some speed degradation, ie the disk in drive X would rip a little bit faster if drives y, z, and t were’t also ripping disks, but the total time is shorter than ripping 1 disk at a time. (I also have 3 hard drives - 1 with the operating system and 2 that I use for backing up movies.)

There is little total speed advantage to encoding more than 1 movie at a time. Just to use round numbers, if 1 movie takes 1 hour to encode, then 2 movies may take 1 hour, 45 minutes to encode. However, I do encode multiple movies at the same time to save on computer/huiman interaction time. If I have 4 movies to encode, I will start all 4 movies at the same time, then go to bed. By morning they are all done and I didn’t have to stay up an extra 3 hours to start the next project.

I haven’t experimented much with burning multiple disks at once. Although I have 3 burners, it seems like I only have 1 really good burner at a given time. My Pioneer 107 was my previous awesome burner, but I think I wore it out. It still reads through anything, but it now produces a mysterious dark ring in the burns that always have errors. I think you might be successful if each burner is on a seperate ide channel, and both of these are seperate from your hard drive ide/sata channel and the hard drive isn’t your system drive. But that’s just a guess.

I also often encode more than one at a time, but only to save having to interact with the machine.

For ripping and burning, multiple operations will require separate IDE channels. Ripping 2 drives on the same channel will be slower than doing them one at a time in many cases. YMMV. Burning more than one deffinitely requires 2 channels (inactive channels). Most hard drives will not supply 2 simultaneous burns at more than 4x each, although Raptors will do 8x x 2.

I often burn 2 at a time, and also sometimes burn one while ripping or encoding another. As long as your burning program is running in higher priority, it shouldn’t create many problems. But if your HD is busy with the ripping, it might not be able to burn at the same time, thus multiple HD’s give you a big boost.

In order to do these things well, you must have HD’s off the main controller and on a PCI card or SATA controller.

It works fine by me…

it works ->sig system

What if I had two hard drives with one iso on each hard drive?

Also how limiting is the ide controller issue? I have both hard drives on the same controller and both optical drives would be on the same controller.

Or 2 Sata (Promise controller) drives & multiple burners on separate ide channels + Nero 6 , it works at 4x for me.
It is still faster to burn 1 at a time at 12 or 16x.

Multiple hard drives, as I suggested, is one way to improve speeds. The IDE controller is only an issue if all the drives are on the same controller. Available bandwidth is more than high enough on the PCI bus for many drives on 2 controllers. ( note that the onboard controller is also on the PCI bus.)

Sounds like we need to come up with a thread to PC manufacturers, to have them make PC’s that have the channels and processing ability to burn or render 3 or 4 things at a time. Dual Processors is a start, but if you don’t have 4 sata ports and sata dvd drives, it could be a little tough. The ideal burning machine would be 4 processors, 8 sata connections, and 4 ide connections… And about 10 cooling fans… :slight_smile:

Most of the time, I’m ripping and burning at the same time. sometimes with encoding in background.
One thing is very important:
The drives which are working should be on separate IDE-channels.

I installed my two “Seagate 7200.7+ 200Gb” HDDs onto an Adaptec 1200A IDE-Raid controller running them on Raid-0.
My Burner (Nec 2510) is on the motherboard as primary master, my second burner (plex premium) on the secondary as master too. My Reader (aopen 1648) is the secondary slave.

So i can use them is this combination at the same time:

nec + plex
nec + aopen

No problems so far. My chipset is Nforce 2 Ultra.

An easy solution is to get a cheap 915GL motherboard. A very cheap motherboard has 4 SATA channels plus additional PATA.

If not, best choice may be to get a PCI PATA or PCI SATA card and add HDDs to that.