Burning two avis to dvd

Hey guys i also have another probelm how do i burn two avis to dvd
Essentially what i want to do is make them one whole file and then burn to a dvd and maybe throw in a title menu i have seen this done befroe but never have actually done it myslef and will need some help.


If you want to join the files, there are a lot of tools out there to do it but you may want to try Virtual Dub http://www.virtualdub.org/. It’s free and some believe it to be one of the best avi tools out. After you get your file you can convert it to a dvd using vsodivxtodvd. Just load the file and click convert and will create the VIDEO_TS folder for you. Just make sure when you burn it that you have an AUDIO_TS folder as well. If you use divx2dvd you don’t really have to join the files, the program will put them both on one dvd for you. Just make sure they’re in the right order by naming them correspondingly. The only problem with not joining them is for some reason the program burns them as two separate movies. Get it here http://www.vso-software.fr/divxtodvd/divxtodvd.htm Doing it this way you won’t have a menu though. To create a menu you can use svcd2dvdmpg it will convert the files and allow you to make a simple menu. Its not free though i find it to be worth every penny. Get it here http://www.svcd2dvdmpg.com/

To merge two avis you can use virtualdub. Simply open the first avi and then select, from File menu, “append” and select the second avi. Select also direct stream copy from video and audio menu, otherwise virtualdub reencode the entire movie.

To convert the merged avi into DVD format, use TMPGEnc to convert avi in mpeg, and TMPGEnc DVD Author to convert mpeg file in video DVD.
If your avi video have an audio stream encoded in VBR (variable bitrate; you can see it in virtualdub), first to encode with TMPGEnc you must save from virtualdub two separate files: the audio stream as wav file, and the video stream as avi. TMPGenc will use these files to encode mpeg.

You need a program called virtualdub which will join the two files into one large file. Check out this tutorial.http://www.videohelp.com/virtualdubedit.htm
Then the file has to be converted to dvd format in which there are numerous programs, such as WinAvi or VSO DivxToDvd which will do the job but no menus. If you want menus then you need something like Tmpgenc or NeroExpress or a bunch of other programs to numerous to mention. There are some tutorials on this website in the Video Edit Software forum and also at www.videohelp.com

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