Burning .TS

Sorry for being a noob…

I downloaded something that is just plain .TS , I can play it in media player classic and dvd software, The file has both video and audio, but it is NOT in a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS structure… How would I go about burning this?


Ok I figured it out :bow:

So I thought I would answer my own question for anyone else who might want to do this: I Have found that .TS is a Transport Stream file, which is [commonly] used for HDTV content downloaded from the internet (_newsgroups), And in order to burn them you have to Convert it from .TS to standard mpeg2 file before you author it. To do this use a program called “HDTVtoMPEG2”, Which can be found here http://www.midwinter.com/~bcooley/ . Then once it is mpeg2 you can load it up in your favorite dvd authoring program to convert the mpeg2 into a standard dvd format, then burn.

BTW, as you know hdtv content will not play in a standard dvd player.