Burning .TS Video files to DVD

[B]hey guys, I have a few .ts files that I want to burn to DVD… I’ve only used .avi before with the program I have…

any suggestions/tips for using .ts files to make DVD’s to watch in a DVD player??[/B]

  • the Buk

See if DVDShrink will do a backup of them if it does burn that to DVD.
If it gives an error the TS folders are going to take some work.
If you have .ts files you do have a problem

Give DVD Flick a try (also freeware), which accepts a wide variety of inputs files, including MPEG2 TS (transport stream) files.

If your .TS files are in the MPEG4 format (e.g. fom an MPEG4 digital TV, cable or satellite broadcast), you’ll likely need to convert them into another format first to use in DVD Flick or most other DVD authoring software, as very few programs accept MPEG4 TS files as input. AutoMKV (link here) would be worth trying if DVD Flick does not load it.

You could follow this if they are the right size to fit on a single layer blank disc.


For dual layer.


Thanks guys,… will try those links out… already have Flick too

Hopefully this works as most of the new TV shows on my newsgroup are coming in as MKV and not AVI anymore… will have to learn something new lol


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