Burning Troubles



Hello. As it’s Christmas, everyone is obviously being gifted with Technology presents and gifts. This includes me. I recieved an LG Burner, works like a Champ… to an extent. Anyways, here’s the link for it if you want the details on the burner:


Using Nero, I go to create an new Audio CD. The files that I’m trying to burn are on an External-Hard drive. It started burning, goes up to like 4% or 8% and stays there. It doesn’t do anything, it just stays there. That’s it. I dont know if this has anything to do with it. So I copied the folder of files I was trying to burn onto my Local Hard Drive, the regular one that has no space at all and it burned fine and played on my CD players, etc. But this is rather annoying because I want to be able to burn files on my External Hard Drive with my Burner.

Here’s my local disks and their names, etc

31/2 Floppy (A:)
Local Disk(C:) - This is when the burning worked, i only have like 17 GB free space on this
DVD Drive (D:)
DVD-RAM Drive(E:) - This is obviously the burner
WD Passport (F:) This is where the files wouldn’t burn. I used Nero, added the files from this Drive and they just stayed at like 5 percent and wouldn’t move at all! When I moved the files over to C:, they burned fine and quickly. I have 150 GB on this Drive and I use it for storing movies, music, pictures, etc;

If anyone could help, I would be forever in your debt.


You should be able to burn from your external drive but it appears that the download speed is not fast enough from the external drive.
Is the drive using usb 1 or 2 or firewire. If your machine has only usb1 ports it would be too slow.