Burning troubles

Really I don’t know if this is a hardware, software, or media problem.

At first I had a LightON drive(DLRwl1 F16?) and I tried burning some Sony media(Sony16D1?) but I had some weird errors in Nero(7ultra). I tried it in a different drive at another computer and it burned with no problems. So I thought it was the drive, maybe a firmware problem and bought another drive - an LG GSA-H54NK. Tried burning when I installed it today and got pretty much the same errors. I was totally confused(still am) so I asked a friend to bring over another media I could test. He brought a starlogic branded Princo DVD and I got the same error. At this point I thought it could only be the software but I tried another version of Nero(6ultra) and I got the same errors with both media. I’m dumbfounded. I have no clue what’s wrong. Help… please…

The Nero error:

Hmm CRC usually means something was wrong with media or file that is being copied over. But you might want to check your DMA on your burner as well. What firmware is your drive and what is your exact nero 7 version ??

I solved it.
It’s actually quite embarrassing… seems I used a 40 pin cable when I put together my comp in Jan and I never noticed. >_<
But hey, I tried a number of things suggested by people(on another site), leaned a lot, and that’s what’s important.
Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool to know that would’ve been my next question of what kinda cabling you had for setup on the drive itself. Nah trust me even users do make simply mistake, it’s hard to sometimes tell 40 pin from 80 pin unless you take a good look at the connectors and cable pins. Everyone here is to help others out but we all learn new technique along the way. But it’s good you solved the problem in a short time.