Burning Troubles

Ok, so i have been burning dvds for awhile…and just recently ( a few hours ago) My burner just gave out…it wont even read a DVD let alone burn it…it has no problem reading a regular CD disc…can anyone help me? i dont wanna have to shell out another 50-100 bucks i dont really have right now… It’s an NEC 2500A…email me at shatteredalive@yahoo.com THANX!


if you can still the drive in the device manager… and it doesn’t read anything…and nothing has changed to your setup… only thing left to do is maybe try a lenscleaner… or get a new one… warranty is over I guess?

Could be something simple like a bad cable or the like, or something weird in your bios. Easyest way to prove a drive good or bad is to move it into another machine with a different data cable as well. If the problems persists under these circumstances, you’ve got a failed drive, if not, something else is going on, and THAT’S when it makes more sence for you to come back and seek troubleshooting advice. If the drive is actualy fried, then it’s just wasteing our time and yours.