Burning Troubles! Please Help!



i went to my friends house and we wanted to continue my Nero Multi-Session CD and put some new “Data” onto it
the disc already had about 5 sessions on it
when we went to burn our “stuff” we got an IDE error
He said that it was the Media itself (a memorex 80min CD)
but i haven’t had any problems with it
i had important Software on the disc and was wondering if anyone knew of a program that could open/recover the last session(s) that i did
My friend said that this “Session recovering” software existed and he knows a lot about burning software
if anyone has any links to some kind of software or can upload it/tell me the name of a product that would be very nice
my email is jpbcool@yahoo.com
please help a fellow burner out!!!
Thanks ahead of time

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about the media: it is cheapie media, and i know there’s a problem, because i get a power calibration error (that means the disc doesn’t work with my drive) the memorex 80 min spindle is crap.

btw: you don’t have to use “quotations” here in the cd freaks forum. it is pretty much assumed that everything we do here is illegal anyways. we were makin some copies of window millennium rc2…sweet os that it is.

anyways, the program you’re looking for is CD-R Diagnostic 1.5.2. get the keygen for it here CD-R Diagnostic Keygen


Yeah i found it last night at about 1 o’clock squage… it worked fine
thanks for your help though