Burning Tracks



Hey Im Using Nero Burning ROM and have a number of tracks that i have split into a set is there anyway i can burn them so they dont skip inbetween tracks and all merge into each other thanks in advance Joe

  1. Select all tracks
  2. Right click -> Properties ->Gap between tracks = 0
  3. Burn DAO.


thanks but the disk is mp3 format and it is not giving me this option any more advce


are you saying this is one big mp3 file that contains multiple tracks? and if so is there a .cue file with it?


its about 40 tracks which i split from a set that i want to play without any gaps in between it if your with me?


i c , use burrrn http://www.burrrn.net/?page_id=4


cheers thanks for your help mate thanks


actually the prgram decodes them into audio format i want to keep mp3 format on cd is there anyway i can write it n mp3 format without having gaps on the songs?


i thought you wanted to burn an audio cd without gaps (3 secs countdown before going to next track), at least it looked that way , i hope i got it right this time , so you want to burn a data cd/dvd with these mp3s to play on your dvd player/car stereo and you dont want to hear any silence (which you called gaps) between the end of a song to the next one , for that you must use a sound editor (audacity is free) to glue all of the mp3s into one big mp3 and remove the silence or alternativly just keep it in 40 mp3’s and remove the silence from each track (easier to switch between songs) , alot of work , so basicly youll need to do all that with a sound editor+burn as data


thanks mate you got it this time :slight_smile: