Burning tools



just got my new to me dvd writer and looking for software to burn dvds, needs to be idiot proof and not to dear or free if there is such a thing :confused:


There is Nero, DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, Roxio, and the list goes on… It all depends on what you need to do. For just burning, Nero is good. If you need to make movie dvd’s, there are dozens of different softwares for editing, making chapters, burning, encoding. Be more specific about exactly what you are wanting to do.


Dvddecrypter, Dvdshrink, maybe you got nero bundled with your burner, Cdburnerxp etc…


just burning till i get the hang of it,i"ll try nero as thats the one iv heard folk talking about, thanks.


no never got nero as it wasn"t new, thanks for you help


burn-at-once is free and works good