Burning Toca Race Driver

Hi Im a newbie, and trying to burn a backup of Toca Race Driver on PC. Reading general forums led me to find Alcohol 120%, and after burning with this I get a “please insert data disc” error on installing. I have a LG GCE8520b 52x writer, and am writing from a .mdf .mds image from my hard disc. Any help appreciated.


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If you want to use Alcohol 120% to backup your game, please follow this guide

Thanks for the walkthrough but I had no luck. I still get please insert data disk with the BMPS emulation turned on and burning the image with RAW DAO format. Cheers anyways.

Try this method or this one and let us know how you get on.

don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but are you sure that you’re putting in DISK 2 when trying to install, NOT disk 1 (only used for playing the game).
if it does turn out to be a bad copy try using blindwrite