Burning to Hard Drive First?

Do you get better results when you burn a DVD to your hard drive and then use those files to create a new DVD OR by having the DVD in 1 drive and a blank dvd in another and just copying that way. Does it matter? I would think it would be better to burn to the hard drive first but i’m only guessing that. Let me know what you think.


Some burning applications only copy to the hard drive first and then burn the folder the movie is in. Burning " On the Fly" directly from one drive to another has its upside and it downsides. If the movie has to be compressed you must rip to a HD folder first. :iagree:

Why would you have to rip to the harddrive if there is compression? What if your using dual layers?

Also, do you lose any quality when ripping to harddrive then burning with something like IMGBurn?

You cannot just “copy” DVD9 to DL because of the usual copy-protection schemes.
Also, you only can COPY something onto a harddisk. Burning would destroy them. :smiley:

alan is correct, if transcoding, you’ll need to rip to a hdd, temporarily anyway.
Why would you need compression if you’re writing to DL discs?

Loss of quality would be a function of the amount of compression applied and not ripping to the hdd and using Img to burn.
In other words, if you rip a source file of 4300 MB to the hdd and then burn with Img, then no, there really shouldn’t be any loss of quality.

I always burn to the HD, Then the image can be checked or manipulated if need be.

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Just like alan1476 said it all depends on the program ur burning with. Like nero and roxio they both write the image first then burn the image. Dosnt matter if u have dual burners or not because with nero/roxio it will first read the image…then spit out the disc and then write the image to ur dvdr/dvdrw drive. On some programs theres a option to burn on the fly. Which means u can burn from one dvd to the other. I dont burn that way but some others may. I do know i get better quality out of my movies when i read then burn my images.

    Good luck buddy