Burning to free space

Is it possible to burn to free space into written or corrupted disk. I understand that this is quite nonstandard approach and such info can be read with special software (i think I will need to enter address of writen data manually to have possible read such disk)
Is there any software for such focus?

It depends on how broken the disk is. If the problem is in some files, most programs will be able to burn there. If the problem, however, is the TOC (table of contents), I don’t think it can be done. And even if it gets done, I seriously doubt the mess will be possible to read.
Even if it’s the first case, I seriously advise against such an attempt - if some of the files broke, close to the middle, the ones closer to the periphery are in even greater danger. Discs get scratched easier towards the periphery.

How I do image such process:

  1. I have an CDR(DVDR) and I visually see that about 10% are written (or badly written)
  2. I start my imagine progrma and say to it that it must create something like FAT at postion 20% on the disk and write my files to this disk
  3. When I want to read files from this disk, I start this magic program then I say it that FAT is written in position 20% of this disc and this program successfully reads my files.

Is there magic progrma I described above?

Is it possible to write to a CD not starting from the 1st cylinder?

Yes it is possible if it was initially burnt as “open”.

Can you explain me more prcisely? I am using Nero 7… what have I do to perform this?

Dear Friends, Can I Write On Bad Cds & Dvds Partially Written, Where The Rest Of The Disk Is Unused. Like, Can We Erase Or Blank Out That Portion ( E.g. Table Of Contents Etc.). I Have A Number Of Disks Like This, Which I Feel Bad To Throw.