Burning to external USB DVD from USB flash drive can this cause any problems?

I have always tried to avoid burning a DVD on a USB DVD burner from a USB flash drive as I always figured that was too much traffic for the USB bus. Am I a little overly cautious here? or could this cause some kind of problem? I did it once and there were no apparent problems but I dont know if there will be problems with that disc in the future.

Could it cause the kind of problem that does not show up for a while?

In this specific situation the real bottleneck is not the high amount of traffic for the USB bus, but the too slow speed of the flash drive.

Even if buffer underrun mechanisms will allow to burn anyway a disc, I personally prefer to avoid too much buffer emptying. The best option is to burn files from hard disk :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Klawdek;2565398]Could it cause the kind of problem that does not show up for a while?[/QUOTE]

Maybe with a scan you can see how much errors there are on that disc. Do you have a liteon burner?

btw, if the disc is readable, unless you are using a very low quality disc that will degrade quickly in time, there should be no problems :slight_smile:

I mostly use my LapTop so I have no choice but to burn USB to USB. I prefer burning DVD @ 8X and it hasn’t been a problem, even from a hard drive connected to the same hub as the burner. I even tried burning across my network to the DVD burner on the HTPC and I was able to burn @ 6X. Unless your flash is really slow it should be OK, especially if you burn @ 8X.

My burner seems to automatically burn at 8x. I am using Nero essentials and a samsung slim line USB DVD burner. I tend to use Verbatim AZO and verbatim life series (I make two copies one to each kind of disc)

I did one burn across USB and it worked. I just want to make sure there wont be problems later with the discs. (My drive wont do scans, it can do a bad sector check, but not scans)

I also like to shut down and reboot my system (COLDSTART) before doing a burn. I do not do anything with the system while burning. That way there is less to interfere with the scan.