Burning to dvdr from hard drive

Okay, here’s the sit. had my new Pioneer 108 and installed it. In the last
few months i’ve backed up a few of my dvd’s onto hard drive using DVD
DECRYPTER. Currently there as IFO and VOB files etc.

What is a good all-in-one (of not-so all in one) solution to getting them from my hard drive to DVDR? need a proggie that will allow the selection of an IFO file off the hard drive, shrink it and burn it to dvdr. Any assistance kindly appreciated When I use dvdshrink to pick up the ifo file on hard drive, it say’s “file does not exist” and also says “analyzing your dvd”. It stays like that for ages…



thanks folks.

audio_ts and video_ts can be burned with most burning programs nowadays.
do you have NEro?? if not try to download their demo.

Normally i rip my dvd’s in FILE-mode with dvddecrypter. Then point dvdshrink to it. Should work
Afther " shrinking" that i got 2 directories as statet above. Those can be burned with NERO or easy cd creator and other software