Burning to DVD using Cyberlink PowerProducer Gold



I am looking to copy movie files to DVD disc which will then play through a home DVD player.

The files are currently .avi and I will be burning to disc using Cyberlink PowerProducer Gold.
What extension do the files need to be, and what software do I use to convert them?



To convert avi in video dvd you need to do two conversions:

First the avi in mpeg, and then the mpeg in vob.

For the first step you need a mpeg encoder, and for the second is necessary a dvd authoring software.

Nerovision contain all necessary tools to do this conversion, and also dvd santa.

My personal suggestion is to use “tmpgenc” to convert avi in mpeg and “tmpgenc dvd author” to convert mpeg in vob.

This is a rather time consuming process, so if you have many conversions to do, I suggest to buy a divx capacle standalone (they are affordable these days).

When you finish the conversion, then remain only to burn all vob, ifo, and bup files on a dvd, and you can use any burning software you like.


So .avi’s, although common, are not the best files to have. Are there eny other extensions I should look out for which are easier to handle?


Can you explain better? What do you mean with “to handle”?

Avi files are really easy to handle. You can play them in a standalone; these days you can buy one for 40-50 euro (about 50-60 USD).


By handle I meant .avi’s seem complicated to convert to DVD format as you have to do two conversions (like you said)

Are there other extensions that are particularly easier to convert to DVD format?


Sorry, but I still don’t understand. Do you have some movie to convert or not? What format are these movies? What file extension have?

Avi is a generic term. You can create an avi with different codecs. Divx and Xvid are two of the most diffuse examples. But there are also other. What file types do you have exactly?


Why complicated?
There are many oneclick programs with just hit the button and converting is starting.
Oh, and geno no need first to convert to mpeg and then to dvd video files. NeroVisionExpress is one of the mentioned tools which converts directly to dvd video files just import the avi and that’s all. :wink:


Thats why I thought it was complicated. 1 conversion is cool!


As I already said, you can do this conversion with nerovision or with dvd santa.

With my method, the two step one, you have more control on the process. tmpgenc allow you to set more things when you create the mpeg file. However, it’s also a matter of personal choice :slight_smile:


I’ll be doing it through a low-ish spec Acer laptop, so I think 1 conversion will take long enough as it is.

I will probably do the 2 step method if I ever burn DVD’s through my main computer.

Another concern of mine is ‘glueing’ (best work I could find) two .avi files together to become one. Obviously I will have to do this beofre burning, but need to find software to do it. I’ll have to browse the internet, but not sure’ ‘glue’ is the best term to put into google, lol.


The conversion process require many time whatever software you are using. Even with a “one step” software, the real process require anyway a mpeg encoding, and this is a very time consuming process. The conversion from mpeg to vob require very little time because vob files are actually mpeg files too.

To join two or more avi files, you can use virtualdub, using the “append” function. I suggest you to join files before the conversion.


Is it true that having more than one piece of burning software (ie nero and Cyberlink) can create conflicts and cause error messages?

Sounds strange, but I just read it on the internet


Some times can happen, but there are also users that have two (or more) burning softwares installed without problems at all.

The only way to know is to try and see. If you want to do this test, DO A COMPLETE BACKUP FIRST