Burning to dvd - sound picture out of sync -help!

Hello All,
I have been using Smart DVD Creator Pro on my pc to burn avi / divx etc files to dvd, until recently without any issues, apart from the length of time it takes (can live with this…). However recently upon buring, the picture and sound is out of sync. I thought this might be an issue with the Smart DVD software, so downloaded Xilisoft DVD Creator and used this. However although this is quicker to burn the sound and picture are still out of sync. So I’m thinking could this be a problem with the pc or dvd drive when burning?
I am running a Dell PC dual processor - could it be a CPU issue? I have tried burning without any other application running on the pc, but still with the same results - out of sync…

Any help anyone could provide would be most appreciated…

Check your input file. I’ll bet you it uses VBR MP3 audio. Give FAVC a try, HCEnc encoder can probably handle VBR better.

Hi thanks for coming back -where do i check settings on the input file?


Use MediaInfo to get the specs on your original file. http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

Gspot is another free program for this.