Burning to DVD-RW using image in Nero

Hi every1, have an issue here i hope u can help me solve.

basically the situation is this:

I am authouring DVD’s on my notebook PC using Ulead DVD workshop. My notebook does not have a DVD writer. A friends machine does so I wrote a DVD image on my notebook PC (ulead writes only .ISO format) and went to my friends place, we networked PC’s and i copied the .ISO image onto his machine.

He is using Nero V5.5.9.14 on a Pioneer DVR104 drive.

The problem is this: I go into Nero and try to write my .ISO image to a DVD-R or DVD-RW, but it will only let me write .ISO images to CD-R or CD-RW format.

I tried to write my .ISO image to the image recorder as a .NRG image and THEN write the resultant .NRG to the DVD drive. It worked the first time.

I then authoured another DVD, repeated EXACTLY the same process and it refused to work. when I tried to write the DVD using the final .NRG file, nero spat out my DVD-R and said the medium needed for this operation was CD-R or CD-RW. very strange behaviour.

I then tried to install Ulead on his machine in desparation, but its not compatible with his DVD writer.

So my question is, how can i get Nero to write to DVD’s using .ISO DVD images or are there other softwares which can do this…

thanking you in advance for your help.


When you open Nero the first prompt is “New Compilation”, in the upper lefthand corner there is dropdown button where u can either choose dvd or cd, make sure that dvd is picked. Regardless of whether u have a dvd player/writer this option must be picked before you proceed.

You are telling Nero in what format you will be working in. Even if you are working from the Express part of Nero, Nero Express works off this setting as well. So before you work in Nero Express you still have to make sure in regular Nero that format is picked 1st.

I don’t know for sure but also make check to see if having the dvd plugin matters for images.

Good luck.

cheers m8, i will try that out (feel like a dumbass now!!) and post the result… tx!

damn i feel stupid. thanks man, sometimes cant see the forest for the trees! :bow: :bow:

Actually,what 0Raid0 mentioned is only partially correct,because in Nero if you don’t have a DVD drive connected,Nero does not give the option for DVD writing. My own personal experience has shown me this. I was wondering what was being said about Nero having DVD capability since the panel was missing prior to my obtaining my DRU-500a,and the panel for DVD burning then showed up once it was installed…:wink:

I assume inonzi_prowler from your second post that this worked

Ruffrob you are absolutely correct, if you don’t have at the very least a dvd drive the format option isn’t available. I’m sure you’ve noticed when you start Nero it scans all ide/scsi devices.

However inonzi_prowler clearly stated that while he created an dvd.iso image(using Ulead) and then copying the image to a machine that does have a dvd writer(with Nero installed).

This being the case my post is actually 100% correct

Also, if you have NOT selected your DVD Burner as the default burner, (and have selected your CDR burner instead) then you cannot burn anything to a DVDR regardless what you select.

If you have an ISO file, why dont you just use DVD Decrypter to burn it, that what it does best. Run DVD Decrypter, press W (for Write), load in ISO file and click the big Write button.

Personally I’ve never had any luck with DVDDeCrypter’s ISO burn. 4 out of 4 tries have resulted in coasters and/or lockups. If I take the ISO file produced by DVDDeCrypt and burn it with Nero then it works every time.

Gripweed,are you sure your PC doesn’t have another program that’s causing a conflict with DVD Decrypter. Seems strange how using an option in a program can cause a lockup,while using other options in that same program allow it to work correctly.
Maybe upgrading or re-installing DVD Dec.might help…:cool:

Considering that that particular option is such a complex task, i.e. burning, I’m not surprised that it could happen. Look how many times Nero (who’s sole purpose is to burn) has gotten it wrong along the way. Nero’s latest version is very stable for me but that’s not to say that they won’t screw up something in the next version. They have a history of it.
I’ve used other burning programs, such as RecordNow, in the past and I’ve not had any problems with them so I doubt it is system related. More likely that DVDDeCrypter just doesn’t have a good DVD burning routine for my burner. It’s no hardship. The program works great for me in all other ways. I don’t mind using Nero for the burn.