Burning to DVD-RW Media

I use a LVW-5006.
I have been happily burning DVD-R with no problems. After finalising, the DVDs play back on any of my DVD players. I have recently started to use DVD+RW media and have had some problems playing back on certain players. I have now bought some DVD-RW to try but when I load the disc, I am given the option:

  1. Quick preparation
  2. Full preparation
    I can find no reference to this in the manual.
    The on-screen info. says that if I choose “Quick Preparation” then I will need to finalise. I chose this and it made a coaster.
    Please can anybody explain what I am doing wrong.

What discs did you buy?

The difference between the 2 format commands is as simple as it says. Because you can overwrite areas of a RW disc you can either just format the beginning of the media and then write the data followed by closing the disc or you can spend alot more time doing a full format and then adding the data into the disc.

It all depends on the time you have free at that moment, if you are rushing before a program starts then do a quick, if you have time and are copying from the HDD, do a full format.

You may still experience playback problems on certain players as I have with a Toshiba player that will play no discs created on my LiteOn 5005 regardless of media. The only reliable soltution I’ve found is to make copy of LiteOn created discs on the PC using +R media with burner setting book type to DVD-ROM which never fail to play on the Toshiba.

Thanks for replies. Between me and my family, I use a number of different DVD players from expensive sony to cheap and cheerful supermarket brand and all play dvd-r media without any problems, recorded both on PC and the Liteon.
What has confused me is having to format the DVD-RW media. It was not neccessary to format the DVD+rw media. Is this normal?

Yes, totally normal.