Burning to dual layer discs

i currently use the one click software with the plextor px 716a burner. i’ve never used a dual layer disc but i’m ready to give it a try. when checking the dual layer option in 1 click, will the software then recognize the dual layer disc in my other burner (i have two plextors) and just transfer all the info over without any compression?

do i need to do anything else?


alan siegel

I wish I could help you out, but I have never had the reason to try a DL disc.
You may want to go to 1Clicks own forum to ask this.

novfilms –

The answer to your first question is yes. The answer to your second one is that after you click start you will get a prompt asking you if you want to make an exact copy. Response yes to that and you’ll get an uncompressed full copy of the original.

OK , First .
If your are using :bow: AnyDVD , you could use any back-up / copying software
to copy a DL disc to a DL disc -1:1 :iagree:
IF , for example , you have SonicRecordNow!
or similar application on your computer , you could even burn 1:1 on the FLY .
( without ripping to hard-drive first ) :bow: AnyDVD RULES !!!

The strong purpose of 1ClickDVDcopy is to take a DL ( as in commercial DVDs )
and compress it to a SL ( single layer 4.7 ) flawlessly , but you know that :slight_smile:

O.K. , but with that being said ,
I don’t have much experience with DLs and 1Click
But I would ‘check’ ALL options , and you should have an exact copy .
The DL option will disable the compression function .
If 1Click prompts for an ‘exact copy’ reply “yes”

I have burned quite a few DL discs with 1Click and all you need to do is check the DL box. If you do that you will get uncompressed video because one click will recognize the amount of storage. However, as with single layer, it will only copy what you tell it to. In my experience, you do not get the pop up box asking if you want to make an exact copy when using dual layer media.